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What are limited scope services?

Limited scope services refer to an attorney providing a portion of legal services that are needed rather than the full scope representation that is traditional in an attorney ­client relationship. This could include: Legal advice before a person proceeds without a lawyer in court. Preparing documents to be used in court, but not appearing in court. Reviewing a legal document and giving advice about it. Helping a client prepare for a small claims case. The client would represent himself/herself in all other aspects of the case. This could be done to reduce legal expenses for the client or because the dollar amount of a matter does not justify paying for full scope attorney representation. One of services clients often desire attorneys to perform is the preparation of documents to be used in court. This is authorized by Rule 33 of the Rules for the District Courts of Oklahoma. If a lawyer prepares documents to be presented to a court, the lawyer must disclose to the court his or her assistance under this rule. Not all legal matters are appropriate for these types of services and not all attorneys offer these services. An attorney has no obligation to offer limited scope services.Most lawyers providing limited scope services will require a client sign a document indicating what legal services are provided by the lawyer and what tasks are the responsibility of the client. The lawyer is not responsible if the client fails to correctly handle his or her tasks. Some legal problems are not appropriate to be handled in this way. You may locate Oklahoma lawyers offering these services by going to OklahomaFindALawyer.com and selecting “Limited Scope Legal Services” under Practice Area Search.

Information about limited scope legal services for Oklahoma lawyers.