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About OklahomaFindaLawyer

OklahomaFindaLawyer.com is a site operated by the Oklahoma Bar Association that matches potential clients with Oklahoma lawyers. Clients search for lawyers by both geographical and practice areas and are presented with a randomized list of lawyers in the search results.

While OklahomaFindaLawyer.com is available to all Oklahoma lawyers, it does not list all Oklahoma lawyers. Many lawyers are not engaged in the private practice of law and do not want to receive contact from potential new clients.

So, to be listed with OklahomaFindaLawyer.com, you must sign up for this free service using MYOKBar.

You can access MYOKBar from the MyOKBar Login link at the top of the Oklahoma Bar Association website, www.okbar.org. After you log in with your username and PIN/password, you will see a page called My Profile. One of the links at the bottom of that page is Find a Lawyer Sign up. There you can sign up for the service. You will be listed under the home county of your official address but can, if you wish, add three additional counties where you regularly practice. You should also designate your practice areas and any additional language skills that you have. There are options not to display your address, phone and email in the search results. But not showing an address and phone number really doesn’t make good sense for advertising purposes.