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Zaps to Automate Marketing (May 20, 2020)

Many law firms and lawyers are looking at adapting their marketing efforts to reflect changing times. It seems rather obvious that more online marketing efforts are right direction for the moment. Yet, some common online marketing tools, like endorsements from satisfied clients, are challenging for law firms, both from compliance with the ethical rules and lack of experience.

Wouldn’t it be nice to automate your marketing efforts where they just ran on automatic pilot? Well, usually you cannot do that and some personal attention to marketing is required each month.

Your attention is directed to 4 Ways To Use Marketing Automation To Grow Your Business, posted on the Zapier blog. Zapier is an automation tool that connects other web-based tools. Most readers will not be ready to implement this today. But I’d still strongly suggest that you read this because not only are there four broad avenues described, some of which your firm may decide it does not want to pursue, but there are links to download many pre-designed Zaps that have been created by others and shared for others to download and use. Looking at the many “tiny tasks” that can be automated is very instructive. As with many digital tools, the free Zapier plan is sufficient to have a good trial or for minimal use. But if you want to really use Zapier extensively in your law practice for marketing or any other task that could be automated, you will be exploring the Zapier subscription pricing options.