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What’s On the Horizon for Law Firms in 2021? (December 29, 2020)

As readers know, Sharon Nelson and OBA MAP Director Jim Calloway host a monthly podcast, The Digital Edge: Lawyers and Technology. For our final podcast of 2020, we decided to forgo having a guest and instead have a discussion of the many changes occurring in our profession, both Covid and non-Covid related.

From changing ideas about how many square feet a law firm needs to occupy, to the future of lawyer-client video conferencing, to technology tools that actually deliver legal services, there is a lot to discuss and frequent listeners will know Sharon and I never lack for opinions where law office operations and legal technology is concerned. Certainly, things will not go back to normal as 2021 is rung in. But despite the pressure and the angst of 2020, our profession learned a lot, as did everyone.

What is your most important takeaway from 2020? Listen to What’s on the Horizon for Law Firms in 2021? to see if Sharon or Jim agree with your pick.