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What’s Ahead in 2021? The Law Practice Today Editorial Board Makes Their Predictions for 2021 (December 18, 2020)

Making predictions about the future can be useful and entertaining. Although I certainly hope no one in 2019 making predictions about 2020 made any large wagers on being correct.

Law Practice Today is an ezine published by the ABA Law Practice Division. Anyone can subscribe for free. This set of predictions, Crystal Ball: Our Editorial Board Makes Their Predictions for 2021, is really top notch because of the talented group of people the ezine has assembled who have very different perspectives on the legal professional and work in many different settings. They include several people I have worked with on various ABA projects like former Law Practice magazine Editor-in-Chief John Bowers, two of my fellow practice management advisors and Oklahoma attorney Mark A. Robertson, who co-authored a pair of books on alternative billing with me for the ABA long ago and who also authored Alternative Fees for Business Lawyers and Their Clients a few years ago.