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What is the Best Way to Make a Video Recording of What You See on Your Screen? (July 27, 2020.)

Part of the answer to today’s question is that it depends on which of the many devices with a screen you use that want to record. But there are many options to record what is happening on your computer screen. Creating in-house training videos for the tools you use and processes your firm employs is one great use. Check out this feature: The best screen recording software in 2020

I’ll add an unsolicited endorsement for Camtasia. You might as well pay a bit more for a recording package that includes all the simple video editing capabilities that a novice would ever need. This is not to suggest some learning and work will be required for the true novice who has not done video editing before. But if you just want to record videos on your computer screen, Camtasia will have you doing that within minutes after installation.