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Use Windows Key to Reduce Pain of Only Having One Monitor at Home (April 10, 2020)

Going from two monitors at work to one at home? It is certainly an adjustment. But the Windows key has something to assist you may have known about long ago and forgotten. The Windows key is the one with a symbol of Windows on it. (Chromebooks and Apple computers have no Windows key.)

Holding down the Windows key and tapping either the right or left arrow key, moves your open screen to the right or left half of the monitor and gives you thumbnails of the other open screens to put on the opposite side. This “split screen” mode allows you to have two documents open for viewing simultaneously or research on one half and the document you are drafting on the other or …. well, you get the idea. The larger the monitor or laptop screen, the better this works.

And if you still cannot stand it, and are not going back to the office anytime soon, you can buy a decent monitor at an inexpensive price and have it shipped to your home office. You will likely be glad to have it there for future working from home situations.

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There are many more useful keyboard shortcuts involving the Windows key. Here is a full list of them for Windows 10— https://www.onmsft.com/news/heres-full-list-keyboard-shortcuts-windows-10. Many vendors have created printable charts of Windows keystroke shortcuts and other keyboard shortcuts. You may want to print one of these for convenience.