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Upgrade Your Work-From-Home Security

Working from home is our new reality. Make sure your technology is secure and you have purchased and installed firewall and antivirus tools. You also need to be using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and if you aren’t, that is your urgent next tech upgrade task. Just go here, here and here to do your research (or look back to the Burney’s video we shared earlier to see Brett’s choice.) It is also a very good time to change your wi-fi password at home. It’s a good security practice and you may increase your bandwidth if that disconnects devices that no one is using or gets rid of the neighbor kid who has been using your bandwidth ever since you innocently shared the home wi-fi login information when he stopped by.

More reading for later – Catherine Sanders Reach, ABA TECHSHOW 2020 co-chair, isn’t paranoid when she notes Somebody’s Watching Me. She is just noting that a lot of home tech from smart speakers to smart TV’s to Xbox consoles can be listening in our homes. She lists many of them and instructions to disable if you feel that is appropriate.