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There Are Safer Places to Download Free Software (June 29, 2020)

In the earlier days of computing, there were computer bulletin boards where hundreds of pieces of free software and other free utilities could be downloaded.

But now security concerns make many suspicious of free software and most commercial packages have more features than most users take full advantage of in any event. But we still need to download and install software like Chrome, Skype and Dropbox. And there are still valuable free utilities and add-ons.

Ninite (https://ninite.com/) is a well-regarded location that lets you list all the packages you wish to download and install. It will install new software and check for updates that should be installed. Generally, I will download most software from the company’s site. But I have heard from some that they like updating everything at once. This site and others considered by many to be safe are outlined in 15 Trustworthy Websites To Download Free Software For Windows from Tech Viral.