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Ten Tech Tips for Productivity (and Important Zoom Update) (May 11, 2020)

Everyone loves a good tech tip, especially one that can be implemented quickly.

My daily tip today was going to be about the release of Zoom 5.0 and how the upgrading will enable GCM Encryption.(If you don’t upgrade by May 30, you not only won’t have the protection of encryption, but you will be locked out of encrypted Zoom meetings.) Checking for upgrades is a little different in Zoom. Instead of clicking on the familiar gear settings icon, click on the profile picture above the gear to locate “check for upgrades.”

I was going to offer more details on the Zoom upgrade, but my colleague Catherine Sanders Reach from the North Carolina Bar Association did such a great job doing that in a post Friday. So here with her permission, is how she explained it:

“Zoom has released version 5.0 of the software and it includes a lot of security features including upgraded encryption, security controls in the meeting toolbar to easily enable a waiting room, report a user, and remove participants. They have added meeting registrations, a screen share watermark that superimposes the image of a meeting participant’s email address onto shared content in the event a participant takes a screenshot, complex meeting IDs and much more. All Zoom clients on versions older than 5.0 will be required to upgrade by May 30 to join meetings as GCM Encryption will be fully enabled for all meetings then.”

Here is her feature from last Friday with this tech tip and nine other great tech tips: https://cpm.ncbar.org/2020/05/05/10-tech-tips-for-productivity