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Take the Pain Out of Selecting a Password Manager with Tips from Tom Mighell (May 26, 2020)

A password manager is an important security tool. If you do not know why that is, we have some great information for you. If you know you need to purchase and install a password manager, but just do not know where to start or don’t think you have time to make a decision, we have some great actionable information for you.

Legal technology guru Tom Mighell joins me for a short discussion on password managers, including why you need them and the features he considers important. You may be surprised at the other types of important information Tom suggests one could store in the tool’s encrypted vault. Then, after looking at the features of many of these tools, Tom gives us his top three choices.

I say you won’t go wrong with any of these three password manager choices and I hope you enjoy the video. But I would also encourage you to read Tom’s recent series of blog posts on this topic.

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