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Stop Plugging in USB Cables Upside Down (September 24, 2020)

As soon as we started using USB drives and other connectors, we started plugging them in upside down. The extremely frustrating experience was trying it three or four times when there were only two options.

IT professionals learned the simple secret to avoid this quickly, but many other computer users never did. So, if you are still spinning USB drives trying to plug them in, here’s the secret:

Look at a USB plug. See that USB symbol on the plug? If you are plugging the USB cable in horizontally, the symbol faces us so you can see it. If you are plugging into a vertical USB connector, the symbol faces you. So, if you are trying to plug a USB cable or drive into a connection and you cannot see the symbol, you have it upside down.

For those who didn’t know this, you’re welcome.