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New Ways to Unwind and Relax This Weekend (April 24, 2020)

Friday’s tip is about ideas for weekend recreation. Veteran legal technologist Tom Mighell has relaunched his blog at https://www.inter-alia.net where his focus will be consumer technology for lawyers. He is going to write about phones, tablets, important tools like password managers, digital personal assistants and technologies we lawyers use both professionally and personally. He is also publishing a free weekly newsletter with all of the other interesting technology stories he sees but doesn’t have time to write about. If you know how to pronounce his last name correctly, you will understand why he calls it The Extra Mighell. You can subscribe at: https://tommighell.substack.com

Our video is about some fun and relaxing online resources and hardware that can entertain and also help you connect with your friends and loved ones. Links to all of the sites and tools discussed are located below.