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Maybe You Need a Better Backup Plan for Your Photos (July 15, 2020)

One of the worst imaginable disasters for a law firm is losing massive amounts of client data or law firm business records without a backup. This is why we advise multiple backup options for lawyers, one done automatically during the day and periodic saving to external media.

But for an individual, the worst imaginable data loss disaster might be losing their photographs because of a computer being stolen or having a fatal heart drive crash. Many other types of personal business records are replaceable. But losing years of family photos could be devastating. iPhone users have their photos saved to the iCloud. But after enough data is stored you have to start paying for your iCloud data.

First, you are directed to TechRadar’s Best ways to backup photos in 2020, which is a nice treatment of the various options.

But I also wanted to mention photo backup gadgets. Suppose you have photos stored in various locations all over your computer. Tracking them down to save them all when you are going to retire that computer might be time consuming. These gadgets have smart software that will search out all of photos on your hard drive and save them to the device. They also have features like eliminating duplicate copies of the same picture. There are several competing devices. Jeff’sTechAdvice.com reviews five of them in his Photo Backup Gadgets Review: The Round-up.