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Making Good Use of Downtime – Setting Up Your Password Manager (April 7, 2020)

Lawyers may find themselves having some downtime due to the crisis. Start making a list of the projects to improve your practice that you may have been putting off due to the press of business before.

Selecting and setting up a password manager is one of those important projects. You want to make sure you choose a tool that does the job and is likely to stay in business. One of the first things I do on this type of project is to do a search for “best password manager 2020” (without the quotes.) Then scroll past the sponsored results to reviewers who test the features and functionality of a product.

So visit the password manager explanations and reviews at C|NET, Wirecutter, PCMag, TechRadar Pro or Wired. Then you can decide which one is best for you. These are all reasonably priced at an annual subscription rate. This investment will save you time in the future and improve your security profile by letting you use a different long and complex password for every site or service you visit.