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Legal Podcasts Are a Great Source of Information. Learn About Them With a Legal Podcast About Legal Podcasting. (June 25, 2020)

For our 150th Edition of the Digital Edge Podcast, we decided to have as our guests three lawyers who have decades of combined podcasting experience— Bob Ambrogi, Tom Mighell and Joe Patrice for A Legal Podcast about Legal Podcasting. We covered a wide range of topics from advice to lawyers considering creating their own podcast, to the available tools for podcast consuming, to our guests’ recommendations on podcasts you may want to give a listen.

My podcast teammate Sharon Nelson and I, are claiming bragging rights for certain. 150 monthly podcasts is a LOT of podcasts! So, we definitely have one of the longest continuously running legal podcasts with the Digital Edge: Lawyers and Technology. Listening to podcasts is a great way to occupy some commuting or driving time, productively. This podcast isn’t just a history lesson. With 5 veteran legal podcasters sharing their expertise, we cover a lot of ground and share a lot of laughs. You will definitely learn something. We hope you enjoy our 150th podcast.