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Is It Time for Some Staff Reminders about COVID-19 Related Phishing Attacks? (August 7, 2020)

“In the past six months, the way we live and work has changed beyond recognition,” states Check Point’s Cyber Attack Trends 2020 Mid-Year Report. “To put it simply – life on earth has gone online. The change was not gradual but happened seemingly overnight.”

Criminals go where the potential victims are.

Phishing attacks have simply exploded recently and many of them are related to COVID-19. Today, neither you nor your employees are likely to fall for the email offers from a Nigerian prince or another traditional scam artist. But an email promising LATEST OKLAHOMA UPDATES on COVID-19 or a new government-sponsored COVID-19 home mortgage refinancing bargain may be more tempting.

OBA-MAP has located a pair of articles for you to read so you can inform your staff of the new dangers — or maybe you will just want to copy the link to today’s post and email it to everyone who works in your law firm. But take some action because these style of phishing attacks are going to snare some people who would not have fallen for older “traditional” types of email scams.

Suggested Reading:

COVID-19 accounts for most 2020 cyberattacks from SC Media, a site that focuses on cybersecurity.

The Rise of COVID-19 Phishing Attacks: How Cyber Adversaries Are Adopting Phishing to Generate New Threat Vectors from Cyber Defense Magazine. Lawyers may not be used to the term threat vectors. The article gives examples of types of COVID-19 phishing scams that may show up in your inbox soon.