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Improve Your Legal Research with Fastcase Tips from Ed Walters (April 22, 2020)

I am of the generation of lawyers who saw online research replace “law book” research. Many resisted that change. Of course, all working-from-home lawyers now appreciate that their research tools are not locked away on the shelf of a closed library.

Fastcase is a member benefit for Oklahoma Bar Association members, as well as many other bar associations. Fastcase CEO Ed Walters gives us a brief tour of Fastcase features and covers free training options. OBA members are currently defaulted to Fastcase 6. Ed shows us how to toggle to Fastcase 7 for a more modern interface and improved tools. There’s an opt-repeated bit of wisdom that if you have a limited time to cut down a tree, you should first spend time sharpening your axe or saw. If the current situation causes you to have extra time on your hands, why not sharpen your legal research “saw” by watching a few training videos to learn how to use the incredible number of free Fastcase legal research tools you have at your disposal?

Download the Fastcase 7 User Guide