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Gmail Add-Ons Can Be Great Tools. Check Out These 10 “Super-Useful” Gmail Add-Ons. (June 26, 2020)

Many Gmail users have not taken the time to check out the G Suite Marketplace’s collection of Gmail add-ons. These are not Chrome browser extensions. They install directly into Gmail. You may find that adding the add-ons for a service you already use like DocuSign, Zoom, Dropbox, Trello or Evernote is a handy and powerful upgrade. Most of these will work from the phone as well as the desktop.

Some Gmail users are understandably cautious about adding anything from a third-party. A safe way to get started is These 10 super-useful Gmail add-ons will change how you work from Fast Company. Here’s one easy example. If your primary professional email is Gmail and you have a DocuSign account, it just makes sense to add DocuSign eSignature Gmail add-on. After all, you are receiving those electronic documents you need to electronically sign via your inbox, aren’t you? Similarly, if you’re scheduling a lot of Zoom appointments via Gmail, installing the Zoom add-on will be a timesaver. Thanks to Fast Company and author JR Raphael for a great introduction to Gmail add-ons.