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COVID-19 is Brutal to Young Lawyers (August 28, 2020)

COVID-19 may target older individuals in terms of serious symptoms and fatalities. But the collateral consequences of this pandemic has wounded many different groups of people. 2020 was just a terrible year if you were graduating, job hunting, opening a new business, moving or had business opportunities driven by in-person networking. And that list of impacts applies to many young lawyers and recent law school graduates.

For this month’s Digital Edge podcast, Sharon Nelson introduced me to Graham K. Bryant who is a judicial law clerk to Justice William C. Mims of the Supreme Court of Virginia. Graham has noted the many ways that this pandemic has impaired his networking and impacted job searching. He has also discussed this subject with several of his fellow young lawyers.

This is another challenge for the younger members of our profession. We hope you will listen to COVID-19 is Brutal to Young Lawyers and perhaps share it with a younger lawyer that you know.