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Check Out a Videoconferencing Guide for Oklahoma Lawyers (August 21, 2020)

My August Oklahoma Bar Journal Law Practice Tips column is A Videoconferencing Guide for Oklahoma Lawyers. It was written for print, so it was finished several weeks ago. In the interim, it has become a bit easier to buy webcams. But if you need one, I’d read the column and place an order now before the back-to-school line of shoppers forms. I am still surprised at how many times I have shared that using an external USB microphone or headset instead of the microphone built into the laptop means the sound of your typing won’t be audible to the others in your videoconference. You can try to convince us you are taking extensive meeting notes, but the rest of us are behind on our email replies, too, and we know.

Oklahoma Bar Association members who have not read the column in print yet might like this version better as the hyperlinks work in the online version.