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Check Out 22 Hidden Chrome Features That Will Make Your Life Easier (May 21, 2020)

Sometimes when I ask a lawyer what browser they are using, they cannot easily tell me. To many lawyers, all browsers are just windows to look at the Internet. But there are many advanced browser features that will benefit most any users.

So, let’s start with the first rule of browsers. Do not use Internet Explorer unless you are forced to. It is riddled with problems and security issues. Even Microsoft’s head of cybersecurity has said it should only be used as “a ‘compatibility solution’ for enterprise customers to deal with legacy sites that should be updated for modern browsers.” And even that is referring to enterprise customers who are paying Microsoft for extended support of IE.

There are many useful features in browsers that do not even require a plugin. You just have to know that they exist. Many lawyers use Chrome, some exclusively and some as one of several browsers, depending on the situation. But whether you use Chrome a little or a lot, PC Magazine’s 22 Hidden Chrome Features That Will Make Your Life Easier is a great read and will likely teach you something you didn’t know. You may want to bookmark or otherwise save the link for future reference.