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10 Science-Backed Tips to Help You Work from Home Successfully (June 9, 2020)

Courthouses and law offices are reopening.

But there will still be a lot more working from home and virtual delivery of legal services in our future. Many lawyers have implemented complete working from home setups and processes. Undoubtedly, they will be doing that more. Some “high risk” clients are going to demand more virtual and “touch free” solutions whenever possible. Another sea change will be as larger law firms building leases expire and management begins to ask just how much expensive square footage is needed.

One writer said this could mark the dawn of the virtual office revolution in the legal industry. I will note that, without focused effort, new employees could not receive the guidance and mentoring they need in a largely virtual law practice.

10 science-backed tips to help you work from home successfully from Science Focus provides some great tips for working from home that are useful even if you are no longer working from home full time. And for those considering continuing working from home more in the future, these tips are even more important.