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What’s the Best Online Backup Service?

By Jim Calloway

What service are you using to back up your computers?

Ideally you should have regular backups made both to some hardware device you own and to an online cloud-based backup service. And if you keep family photos and other important information on a home computer, that may need a backup as well.

Well-regarded technology review site Wirecutter recently updated its comprehensive review, The Best Online Cloud Backup Service. This is particularly valuable review, as the author has a deep background in the subject matter and details many features about the various backup services. He also explains the differences between cloud storage, cloud sync and cloud backup. I’d encourage you to read it. The top two services he identifies are Backblaze and IDrive. The difference in features is very useful to review as both services are very affordable.

This review is focused on services for individuals and very small firms. But it is a worthwhile read for lawyers in any size of practice who want to understand their options. And don’t forget that home computer system also needs regular backups.

Portable hard drives are relatively inexpensive now and it is relatively easy to attach one periodically and make a complete backup or just copy the contents of various folders. You should not leave this drive plugged in continuously, however, as a malware attack will encrypt all attached drives.

Even today with more data stored in the cloud, backups are an important tool to get the office back up and running if there’s a malware attack or other problem.