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What’s the Best Legal Pad for You?

By Jim Calloway

I must confess that, although the Attorney@Work website is one of my top resources, I’ve rarely cared for some posts by Analog Attorney. Call it “digital bias” if you wish. But sometimes the pieces seem to strain to do something the traditional way, even when digital methods are preferable.

That is noted because I want to encourage you to read Run Your Practice More Mindfully on a Legal Pad from Attorney@Work. It is informative and even entertaining to those of us who have spent a large part of our lives writing on legal pads. I know when I had to go to the office supply store to buy legal pads, my favorite brands were Sale and Reduced. But the writer’s collection of six best legal pads for your firm demonstrates an impressive range of styles, including a wide landscape style pad. If you are often cramming handwritten notes into the margins, this may be the tool for you. But I’m not sure how the Analog Attorney will file those extra wide pages in the paper client file without having to turn it sideways to read the pages.

For attorneys using digital client files, remember that it is fine to take notes on legal pads. Just don’t forget to scan them into the digital client file.

Originally posted  in Oklahoma Bar Association’s Courts and More, May 31, 2023.