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What Lawyers Should Know About Windows 11

By Jim Calloway

Windows 10 has a 65% share of the US market, while Windows 11 has a 32% share. But that is likely to change. Microsoft has announced end of support for Windows 10 as of October 2025. Lawyers should not use any tool that does not have support and regular security updates. But there is a strong case to upgrade this year and not wait until 2025.

Catherine Reach, Director of the North Carolina Bar Association Center for Practice Management, who was a guest speaker at last week’s OBA Annual Meeting, recently posted What Lawyers Should Know About Windows 11. The bottom line is, Windows 11 is stable and has some positive feature upgrades. But Microsoft still has its annoying tendency to move buttons and other items around in upgrades for no apparent reason. Many readers who already use Windows 11 will want to review this for the instructions on how to move the Start button back to the left hand side of the screen instead of its new default location in the lower middle side of the screen in Windows 11.