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Try Some Advanced Zoom Tricks to Improve Your Meetings

By Jim Calloway

You may be glad to return to face-to-face meetings and hearings, but videoconferencing is not going away. There will still be clients who can be spared a long drive to your office for a quick conference, but video is preferred so you can share documents on the screen. You may decide that the client who must have an evening appointment can be better served by a video appointment in the evening with both of you logging in from home.

9 Advanced Zoom Tricks to Use Now That You’re an Old Pro from Fast Company is a quick read and probably will provide some new tips to try. I’ve probably used Zoom as much as anyone reading this and yet, somehow, I had missed that hiding the participants who have their cameras off is a great improvement for large Zoom meetings. I’ll bet you discover something new among these nine tips as well.