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Time for iPhone Users to Upgrade to iOS 16

By Jim Calloway

Every fall Apple holds a media event to highlight new versions of its offerings. This year the new features of iOS 16 have received a lot of attention. We know that upgrades are sometimes a mixed blessing. They bring needed features but also, they seem to change things unnecessarily. One new feature is the ability to edit or unsend an iMessage, as long as you do it within 15 minutes. But the recipient will still see the message has been edited or removed.

From early reports, you will want to upgrade to iOS 16 sooner rather than later.

The 6 Best iOS 16 Features Coming to iPhones from PCMag.com is a good starting place to see the new features.

TechCrunch’s iOS 16 turns your iPhone into a more personal device notes the major additions of the last two upgrades and how the new redesigned Lock Screen, the improved wallpaper effects and the interactions with widgets and focuses are improved. This piece is worth reading just for its clear explanations of focuses.

CNBC covers a longer list of new features with short explanations in Apple just released a major update for your iPhone — here’s what’s new and how to get it.

You may be an iPhone user who doesn’t pay much attention to iOS updates. But many of the new features noted above are quite helpful and, if you do not know about them, you may miss them.