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Stay Connected with Former Clients: Help Them Keep Ahead of Online Scams

By Jim Calloway

Post-representation contact with former clients is generally permitted under the Oklahoma Rules of Professional Conduct.  But sales pitches are uncomfortable for many lawyers and likely not particularly effective. Instead, consider sharing valuable information they will appreciate and find useful. They will remember their lawyer providing free information. The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) just issued a report outlining Americans losing $2.7 billion to online and phone scams. So that’s a good reason to share this timely information about the most common scams with your clients or former clients.

The 3 biggest social media scams Americans are falling for from ZDNET is a good summary of the findings. If you have never tried direct mail advertising before, here is an experiment for you. Send emails out to clients whose files have been closed in the last 60 days, just letting them know that heading into the holiday season scam attempts will increase. They may have loved ones who need this information. Email the information out in a way that clients cannot see each other’s names or email addresses. The full FTC report can be found here.

Originally posted in Oklahoma Bar Association’s Courts and More, October 18, 2023.