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Survey Says: Technology Gaining Some Ground for Solo and Small Firms

By Julie Bays

Each year the American Bar Association’s Legal Technology Resource Center surveys ABA members to discover how lawyers are using technology in the practice nationwide. I recently reviewed the ABA Legal Technology Survey 2021 so that I could write a report on the 2021 Technology Budgeting and Planning for solo and small firms. The good news is that more than 62% of solo and small firms planned to increase their budgets for technology. On the other hand, only around one-half of solo and small firms budget for technology at all.

One of the most troubling findings in the survey is the lack of budgeting for cybersecurity. Only around 10% of the small firms surveyed planned to budget for this crucial aspect of their law practice. The survey found that many small firms and solo practitioners rely on the attorneys for their cybersecurity but did not plan on training or products that would protect their digital infrastructure. So, as we begin the new year, please take time to review your cybersecurity and make a detailed plan on what you need to do to protect you and your client’s information.