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Social Media Marketing with LinkedIn

By Jim Calloway

Elon Musk may have put Twitter in the headlines.  But our data at the OBA suggests LinkedIn is now a very important social media tool for lawyers that is gaining popularity with professionals and business owners. The community of LinkedIn helps the admins explain the culture of the platform. There are plenty of places for political arguments and pictures of cats to be online, but LinkedIn is more serious and business oriented. Because the users encourage good behavior, there is a good chance you won’t have any insulting, argumentative or unbalanced responses to your posts when you post.

The American Bar Association ezine, Law Practice Today, posted a great feature to assist you if you haven’t bothered to look at your own LinkedIn page for a few years. These strategies can assist you reviewing how you are using LinkedIn and determining how your marketing efforts on the platform can be strengthened. The ABA post is titled 10 tips for effective LinkedIn marketing for lawyers.