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Promoting Your Law Firm with Educational YouTube Videos

By Jim Calloway

Lawyers who once believed they would never post a video promoting their law firm on YouTube now host YouTube Channels. While many lawyers prefer reading online content over watching a video, that is clearly not the case for many, if not most, internet users. So, law firm marketing increasingly involves online video content. Some early lawyer videos were cringeworthy, to say the least. If you are not comfortable with law firm marketing videos involving pyrotechnics, wild stunts and screaming at the viewers, a better path for your law firm may be videos designed to educate the public. These can gain a decent audience.

For some great tips on how to do this, read (yes, read) the post How to Promote Your Law Firm with Educational YouTube Videos to assist you in developing a strategy. Those just beginning this endeavor will likely want to purchase affordable lighting (see some lighting tips from TechSmith) and an external microphone or two. If you have purchased your mobile phone within the last few years, it probably has great video capabilities, and you may not need another video camera. I recently upgraded to the iPhone 12 Pro and the video quality is amazing. But if you record a video from a distance without a quality microphone, the great video may not meet your expectations if the sound quality is poor. Here are some recommended microphones for my phone that may work well with yours.