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No One is Reading Your Attorney Bio

By Jim Calloway

Online marketing can be a challenge. Paying for professional assistance is often expensive. Improving lawyer’s website bios should be low cost or no cost. We have learned that attorney bio pages that would impress your law school classmates might not be the best approach to inspire potential clients to retain you. Potential clients are visiting your website because they have a problem, and your website should focus on the problems your firm solves. Today we are sharing some excellent advice on how to improve your bio, written by Julie Ackerman – No One is Reading Your Attorney Bio: (Five Tips to Fix That). Lawyers who can’t give up citing every publication, award and honor they have received can still have that content. I suggest putting a link at the bottom of your bio that says “Extended Professional Biography” so those with an interest can find that information.  But the primary function of your website is to convince people to retain you and the lawyer’s bio should support that.

Originally posted in Oklahoma Bar Association’s Courts and More, September 20, 2023.