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Microsoft Releases Copilot Pro to All Microsoft 365 Subscribers

By Jim Calloway

Microsoft has just announced that Copilot is now available to all 365 subscribers. The Verge.com broke the story and reminded us there are three versions of Copilot:

“Microsoft now has three different versions of Copilot. There’s the regular Copilot that’s available free of charge to both consumers and businesses, which is essentially a chatbot much like ChatGPT. Then, there’s the new Copilot Pro option that’s launching for consumers today for a $20 per month premium, offering AI-powered Copilot features inside Office apps and elsewhere. Microsoft now also offers the same premium subscription with more features to businesses in the form of Copilot for Microsoft 365 at $30 per user per month pricing.”

Using AI to search for answers based on your own documents and files will hopefully almost eliminate AI hallucinations. Document summaries should be produced quickly and easily. Creating PowerPoints from text will be a popular AI feature. For those of us who don’t have graphic design skills, creating graphics from text will be useful too, even if you mainly use this for marketing purposes or personal use.