Management Assistance Program

Microsoft 365 and MS Office Resources

By Jim Calloway

Microsoft Word is an important tool. But, unlike most tools, using it doesn’t improve your skills with practice. You can become a Microsoft Word power user. But you do that with training, internet searches that often begin “How do I ….“ and reading tutorials and help files.

Today we are sharing a great resource with many videos, articles and other training and learning tools. Catherine Reach is the Director of the North Carolina Bar Association Center for Practice Management. Many of you attended her presentation on Microsoft 365 for the 2020 OBA Virtual Annual Meeting. She has put together an excellent collection of resources at the Center’s Microsoft 365 and MS Office Resources.

First in the collection is her program on Microsoft 365 for the OBA Virtual Annual Meeting. So, if you missed it or just want a refresher, you can watch the entire presentation. No MCLE credit, of course. But, as the pitchman says, “Wait there’s more!” There are several selected YouTube videos, many articles and other training options. If you feel you, or your law firm, is behind the times with Microsoft 365, this is a great path forward. Don’t just watch a video or read an article. Then open MS 365 and try out what you have just seen or read about. Investing the time will be repaid in the future. Share the link with those who work in your office. Maybe you can have a contest for the best thing learned that the firm can put into practice next week. How many hours do you spend with Word each week? This opportunity is the lawyer equivalent of sharpening your saw before cutting the tree.