Management Assistance Program

Limited Scope Legal Representation Resources

By Jim Calloway

It has been five years since the Oklahoma Supreme Court adopted Rule 33 of the rules for district courts. This rule was to provide a framework for limited scope representation. The rule is short and simple:

Rule 33. Limited Scope Representation

A lawyer providing limited scope representation under Rule 1.2 (c) of the Oklahoma Rules of Professional Conduct may draft pleadings or other documents for a pro se litigant to file with or present to a district court without the lawyer entering an appearance in the matter. A lawyer shall disclose such assistance by indicating their name, address, bar number, telephone number, other contact information and, optionally, a signature on said pleading or other document with the phrase “No appearance is entered as counsel of record.”

The Oklahoma Limited Scope Legal Services Resources page has been prepared by the OBA Management Assistance Program to assist Oklahoma lawyers. It contains excerpts from CLE presentation materials, sample agreements, tips and other resources. Your attention is directed to our Example of Court Signature Block form, designed to make certain the court clerk doesn’t “accidentally” enter you as attorney of record when that isn’t your intention.