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iPhone Volume Buttons Can Be Used for Other Functions

By Jim Calloway

An iPhone’s volume buttons serve an obvious purpose. But some are not aware of the other functions that can be accessed more easily by using the volume buttons.

Almost everyone takes photos and videos with their iPhone. But it can be awkward to hold the phone steady while simultaneously tapping on a target on the lower part of the screen. Next time try the volume buttons, conveniently located by your fingers as you hold the phone.

Videos are shot the same way. Set the camera to video. You can either tap the volume key to start recording (and again to stop) or you can hold the button down until you release to stop recording. You can also take a photo burst holding down the Volume Up button in Photo mode. But you may have to enable that in Settings > Camera, turn on “Use Volume Up for Burst.”

Anyone who carried an iPhone in a pants pocket quickly learned it is quicker to silence a ringing phone by reaching into your pocket and squeezing the phone instead of fishing it out of your pocket. Not only will volume buttons silence a ringing phone but mute the vibrations as well.

Those who use the iPhone as an alarm clock probably already know you can Snooze the alarm with either volume button.

Originally posted in Oklahoma Bar Association’s Courts and More, August 9, 2023.