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Informed Delivery by USPS: See Your Mail Before It Arrives for Free

By Julie Bays

Informed Delivery is a free service by USPS (United States Postal Service) that enables users to preview images of their incoming letter-sized mail and receive notifications about scheduled packages. This feature can greatly benefit lawyers and businesses by streamlining mail management, enhancing security, and improving organization.

Key Benefits for Lawyers and Businesses:

Enhanced Mail Security: Informed Delivery allows lawyers and businesses to monitor their mailbox for potential mail theft or tampering, ensuring the security of sensitive information and documents.

Improved Organization and Time Management: By providing a preview of incoming mail and packages, lawyers can plan their day more efficiently and prioritize tasks based on the mail they are expecting.

Centralized Package Management: Informed Delivery consolidates all incoming packages in one location, simplifying the tracking process and ensuring important deliveries are not overlooked.

By leveraging the benefits of this service, lawyers and businesses can stay informed, organized, and secure, making mail management a seamless part of their daily operations. Here is the link to set up your Informed Delivery: Informed Delivery – Mail & Package Notifications | USPS