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Great Tips for Using Microsoft Word and Other Microsoft 365 Tools

By Jim Calloway

The challenge with becoming proficient at Microsoft Word is that once you learn the basics, you do not get better at using Word just from using it. Either training classes or a good amount of time invested with Help files, videos and other online resources is required to get better. Subscribing to Microsoft 365 also gives one access to a huge set of included tools, many of which are not used because of time constraints.

The ABA Legal Technology Resource Center has just posted LTRC Roundtable Discussion: Microsoft 365 featuring ten legal tech experts, including at least two people whose names should be familiar to you, giving their best tips on using Microsoft Word and the rest of the Microsoft 365 Suite. This turned out to be an excellent resource. We highly recommend you read this roundtable and share it with the staff in your law firm or agency.