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Google Maps vs Apple Maps: Which is best?

By Jim Calloway

A current TV commercial states in an uncomplimentary tone, “If you printed out the directions to drive here, you’re in the right place.” I resent that one. When I am driving around the state to meet with other lawyers, I always print out the directions, even though I rarely refer to them. But my phone could quit working or something else might mean the paper copy would be needed. I don’t view it as a generational thing, just a lawyer trying to cover every contingency. In most cases I plug my phone into my vehicle and am pleased when CarPlay engages.

Comparing Google Maps to Apple Maps is not useful for everyone because one must have an iOS device to use Apple Maps. But some Apple users prefer Google Maps. I encourage you to read Google Maps vs. Apple Maps: Which navigation app is best? from Tom’s Guide. If you are like most navigation app users, you probably just use the obvious features. This side-by-side comparison may enlighten you about significant features you have not used before. And, if you have the option, you may even decide to experiment with the other navigation app. I have both apps installed on my iPhone, even though CarPlay means Apple gets the nod for driving navigation. But your mileage may vary.