Management Assistance Program

Five Ways to Become More Client-Centric

By Jim Calloway

Lawyers in private practice will tell you that their professional lives revolve around their clients and taking care of client needs. But do the lawyers’ clients feel the same way? If they regularly must wait 4 or 5 days for a response to a request for information, they may not feel they are at the center of the lawyer’s universe. Now everyone gets busy and sometimes falls behind. But the law firm’s systems should be designed to assure responsiveness to client requests.

Promptly responding to client inquiries is an important element of serving clients appropriately. But there are other actions a law firm can take to become more client centric.

Five Ways to Become More Client-Centric is a recent post from Catherine Reach, Director of North Carolina Bar Association Center for Practice Management. Review this list and pick one that you would like to initially focus on. Personally, I like preparing scripts for those who handle potential client intakes to make sure all the needed information is received and shared efficiently.

Originally posted in Oklahoma Bar Association’s Courts and More, July 26, 2023.