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Fastcase Adds Analytics Features

Fastcase, the legal research service provided by the OBA to Oklahoma lawyers, has added some federal court data analytics to its standard service.

This new feature is the first to be released incorporating features from Fastcase’s 2020 acquisition of Judicata, a California-based legal research platform.

Your attention is directed to the post In Major Platform Update, Fastcase Adds Analytics Tracking Motion Grants and Timelines in Federal Courts that explains the new service. “Fastcase says these new analytics will be available to all users at no extra cost, and also to free users for up to 10 views per week,” according to the post. For a sample using the data, visit New Attorney Sanctions Analytics Reveals Litigation Risks. Timelines incorporates some very nice features.

A Fastcase spokesperson said the company intends to expand these analytics to state courts in the future. If you would like free Fastcase training, visit https://www.fastcase.com/support/. To access your bar-provided Fastcase service, log in through the OBA website’s MYOKBar link at the top of the OBA webpage.