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Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft OneDrive Storage

Most security experts recommend storing critical data in the cloud. But such cloud storage must be safe and secure. It also needs to be easy to access.

Microsoft OneDrive is one of the tools provided with business subscriptions to Microsoft 365. It provides one terabyte of cloud storage. This storage is not only secure, but it has useful integration with the other Microsoft 365 tools. Microsoft OneDrive Explained by Catherine Reach, Director of North Carolina Bar Association Center for Practice Management covers sharing files and folders, how to set up permissions as to who can access those files and the differences between OneDrive versus SharePoint. Even if you are not interested in moving to Microsoft 365 today, it is worthwhile to read this outline of the features. It might come in handy dealing with discovery requests. For example, did you know using OneDrive for documents being creating means you will have automatic backup as the document is being created and a record retained of the various versions of the document?

If you missed hearing Catherine speak on Microsoft 365 at the 2020 OBA Annual meeting, you shouldn’t miss her tips on one of the most popular business cloud storage tools in use today— Microsoft OneDrive.