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Editing PDF Files in Word

By Jim Calloway

When you need to edit a PDF file, one great tool is Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. It has so many features, including combining several PDFs into one, the ability to redact, electronic signatures and the like. Everyone in your law office who needs to do sophisticated work with PDF files likely needs a subscription to Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

But perhaps not everyone in your law firm needs a subscription if they don’t regularly manipulate PDF files. If you have several of those users, this week may be the time to circulate a memo reminding them that the tools built into Microsoft Word can be used to perform simple edits on PDF files. Share this link from Microsoft to remind everyone of this feature of Microsoft Word. There’s a 30 second video and the simple steps so you can make certain everyone who doesn’t have access to Adobe Acrobat understands that they can edit PDF files using Microsoft Word. Results will be better with text-heavy PDFs as compared to graphic-heavy PDFs.

But it is always good to make sure your team understands how to use some of the more advanced features of the tools your firm already has.