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Chrome Tips

By Jim Calloway

Chrome is the most popular and most widely used browser. Tessa Davis is an educator who regularly posts technology tips on Twitter. Her most recent offering is “10 simple Chrome Tips that will blow your mind.”

Did you know if you have a video or audio file you want to play, you can drag and drop it into a tab in Chrome and it will play? No setup or software installation required.

Did you know that if you are annoyed by a tab playing a sound, there is a very simple process to make that speaker icon on the tab a mute/unmute button going forward? (Seriously, every Chrome user should do this.)

Or did you know if you want to share a web page with an important section of text on the page, just highlight the section, right click and use “copy link to highlight” to create a link to that page which will go to the section and show the text you highlighted when your recipient opens the link?

That is only three of her Chrome tips. You can find them all at: https://twitter.com/tessardavis/status/1554437949579821056?s=21&t=l8UKszPsbnnNFlaiblL30Q