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Caution: Don’t Fall for Facebook “Violations Detected on Your Page” Scam

By Jim Calloway

Many lawyers use Facebook for marketing or personal use. The Facebook “Violations Detected on Your Page” scam is proliferating this Fall. It begins with a message like the one you see below telling you your Facebook page has been suspended and if you do not respond within 24 hours, your account would be permanently suspended. The unreasonableness of the 24-hour deadline should be a warning to cautious internet users. But if you click on the link to reinstate your account you find yourself on pages that look like Facebook but are operated by scammers. Once they get your login information, they will immediately change your password and set up 2 Factor Authentication so that you cannot change the password back. Attempting to recover from this will be a long painful journey, but necessary as you don’t want this account trying to scam your friends.

If you enjoy Facebook, you are urged to set up 2 Factor Authentication to protect your account. Facebook will show you how. Read more about this scam on Malware tips: Beware of Facebook ‘Violations Detected On Your Page’ Scam.