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Attention: Please Install Microsoft Emergency Windows Patch Now to Avoid Print Nightmare

By Jim Calloway

Hopefully, the headline captured your attention. You really do need to install the emergency patch for Windows 10 that Microsoft released last week. Some vulnerabilities in software do not impact systems lawyers use, but this one is an opening in wireless printing tools that can be used to take over other system resources. Krebs on Security has a good feature explaining the challenge and what to do, Microsoft Issues Emergency Patch for Windows Flaw.

But, the short version for you TL;DR types is to go to Windows Updates under Settings and install all pending updates now. If you are in a larger firm with IT staff, they may have already done it for you, but you should discuss with them to make certain.

If you are in a smaller firm with no IT staff, you are likely better off to have Windows Updates set to be installed automatically. There is a certain logic in waiting to review updates before installing them. But I have seen the end of this strategy for busy lawyers, which is months or years of Windows Updates backed up waiting for you to review them. Meanwhile you may have security holes that haven’t been patched. Just go with automatic installation of Windows Updates. I’d much rather explain to a client or other “outsider” how the Windows Update messed something up for me and thousands of other users this week than why my system was compromised because I didn’t install a critical security update that has been available for over a year.

You will want to have everything current if the rumors are true and Windows 11 is unveiled to replace Windows 10 later this year.