Management Assistance Program

7 Reasons to Use Copilot Instead of ChatGPT

By Jim Calloway

As you likely know, the OBA program, Artificial Intelligence: Shaping the Future of Law Practice, is set for July 12 at the Embassy Suites in Norman. One of our speakers is Ben Schorr, Senior Content Program Manager for Microsoft. He will discuss the many ways he uses Microsoft’s Copilot to save time daily.

7 reasons I use Copilot instead of ChatGPT was written by Sabrina Ortiz, an editor for ZDNET. She covers technology news for ZDNET, specializing in generative AI. She says she reaches for Copilot daily. I often do too. She notes that all the Copilot features she highlights in this post are available in the free version of Copilot, where attempting some of these in ChatGPT requires the subscription version. We encourage you to read her coverage. It will be a good warm up before Ben’s Copilot presentation next month.