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15 MS Office Keyboard Shortcuts to Boost Your Productivity

By Jim Calloway

Some of you may recall at the beginning of the year, our Digital Edge podcast covered The Ten Most Popular Office 365 Tips For Lawyers and featured Danielle DavisRoe of Affinity Consulting. It was a great podcast and, if you missed it, it is not too late to listen.

Recently Danielle DavisRoe posted 15 Keyboard Shortcuts to Boost Your Productivity to Attorney@Work. She refers to these as common Office keyboard shortcuts every lawyer should know. Keyboard shortcuts are time-savers. But they are sometimes difficult to recall if you do not use them frequently. So perhaps you want to start with two or three. But all 15 shortcuts will have value for someone. This is a good time to note that you can forward your courts and More email to your staff if there is good tech content for them, like keyboard shortcuts.