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Management Assistance Program

What is the OBA Management Assistance Program?

OBA-MAP is a state-bar sponsored practice management advisor serving the members of the Oklahoma Bar Association. The OBA Management Assistance Program was created to help Oklahoma lawyers better organize and operate the business and management sides of their practices. The use of law office technology is also rapidly changing and reshaping the processes of the traditional law office.

For more information, you can find a list and explanation of the services offered to Oklahoma lawyers by OBA-MAP.

Several other state bar associations or law societies sponsor PMA programs. Most existing PMA programs share these common objectives:

  • Assisting lawyers in improving efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of legal services;
  • Assisting lawyers in implementing systems and controls to reduce risk and improve quality in the delivery of legal services;
  • Assisting lawyers with client communications systems; and
  • Assisting lawyers and their office personnel with understanding and using emerging technologies to improve the delivery of legal services.